Seth Teagle

Fireman turned to Operator with Seth Teagle - Apartments Operators Podcast

CEO, The Steam Groups

Seth Teagle is highly passionate about creating generational wealth for The Stream Group’s investors. Seth is well-known in the multifamily real estate industry for educating others, particularly those with a similar background to his own. 


Originally a lifelong firefighter/paramedic and later Lieutenant, Seth moved to the real estate industry with the goal of growing a real estate portfolio to hedge against the inevitable end of a physically demanding career. 


Upon embarking on his first real estate deal, Seth’s 50 unit acquisition yielded $1M. He continues to focus on asset acquisitions, broker communications, investor relations and overall growth strategy for The Stream Group.


Teagle continuously evolves the vision of the company and educates new investors via The Firehouse Bros, a Multifamily education platform.