About. Welcome to the Apartments Operators Podcast where you can learn from experienced operators what it really means to be apartments operators.

No fluff, no sugar coating, just the raw unfiltered truth of the ups and down of operating multifamily communities.

Our host, Joseph Gozlan, is an experienced owner/operator and a multifamily broker living in Texas. We recently decided to start this multifamily podcast. No, not another podcast that helps people learn how to buy Multifamily or how to raise capital. There are enough great podcasts out there that already do that…

We were looking for a podcast that focuses on operations and the life of a multifamily operator but just couldn’t find any podcast that is focusing on the operation aspect of multifamily.

We gathered a phenomenal group of operators for you that share not only the upside of a multifamily operator but also the downside, the challenges and the surprises this business keeps coming up with.

You’ll hear the hilarious situations operators find themselves, the horror stories, the sad stories and the joy this business can bring an operator. As I said up top: No fluff, no sugar coating, just the raw unfiltered truth of the ups and down of operating multifamily communities.

Our Host: Joseph Gozlan, Multifamily Investments Specialist

JOSEPH GOZLAN, B.Sc. Information Systems
E: Joseph@EBGTX.com
M: (469) 443-6336
O: (903) 600-0616


Joseph is a multifamily investments specialist leading group acquisitions of over $30MM in real estate and providing asset management services to a portfolio of 505 units and growing.

Joseph is a former lieutenant in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) with over 17 years of leadership experience in the software industry, 12 of which working for publicly traded companies such as GameStop, Retalix (NCR) and JCPenney which enhanced his business acumen, analytical skills and “big picture” perspective, all skills that he leverages to maximize efficiency in the real estate business.

In his last IT role as a Senior Software Development Manager (2016), Joseph led five software engineering teams and was responsible for the on-time and on-budget delivery of multiple software products that contributed directly to the company’s multi-million dollar bottom line. Joseph has a B.S. in Information Systems Engineering and is also currently enrolled with Texas A&M MBA program (part time program).

In 2007 Joseph and his wife Rita relocated to Plano, Texas and in early 2008 they both got licensed as real estate agents in Texas and also started their US real estate investment journey with the purchase of multiple assets in the DFW Metroplex. Since then, they’ve grown their portfolio and strengthened their equity positions in multiple properties.

In early 2015 Joseph began his multifamily journey and soon after, he led the acquisition of a 22 unit multifamily property in Celina, Texas. In 2017 Joseph led the successful acquisition of 130 units in two multifamily properties in Lubbock, Texas and an additional 113 units over three communities in 2018 and in July of 2018, he led the successful acquisition of a 236 unit Lubbock community. He has been serving as the asset manager for all six communities totaling over 500 units since. Joseph has the unique ability to bring a 360 degree perspective as an owner, operator and commercial real estate broker specializing in multifamily. This has been a great contributing factor to the success of EBG Acquisitions and its sister companies, Eureka Business Group & EBG Communities.

Joseph’s most recent step was to continue and develop the EBG group of companies to be a fully vertically integrated operation by forming EBG Communities, a full service multifamily property management company to be able to maximize the efficiency of the properties owned & operated by EBG Acquisitions and their partners.

Published Author

The Real Estate College Fund (available on Amazon)

This book was written to help first time real estate investors recognize the advantages and risks of investing in real estate and offers ways to mitigate those risks.

ISBN-13: 978-1520943930
ISBN-10: 1520943938

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