Ken and Rachel Wick


Higher Point Investing

Minnesota natives Kenneth and Rachael Wick have a combined total of 54 years experience in education in addition to real estate acquisitions which began in 2004. Both have Master’s of Educational Technology degrees and a desire to help others learn. Rachael taught art for 25 years which included chairing the District Art Department, showing her student’s work via numerous art shows, and organizing community art and culture events with various community members and artists of all types. Ken began teaching History, Geography, and Computer Applications in the days before the Internet became widely available. He eventually moved out of the classroom into IT Management for a 1600 student, 250 staff, 4 campus school district just south of the Twin Cities. Ken has been a lifelong coach and advocate the benefits of athletics and fitness.

Their real estate investment properties have included multifamily and single family homes. The team’s experience includes using a variety of creative financing methods to acquire properties, personal and contracted renovation skills, and first hand experience with property and tenant management. Since exiting education, Ken and Rachael’s top priority is to acquire large multifamily properties through syndication which have above average returns for our investors.