Jonathan New

Episode 130: Active Duty Navy Operating over $100MM Multifamily Portfolio with Jonathan New - Apartments Operators Podcast

Director, Fairwinds Capital Investments

Originally from Anniston, AL, Jonathan graduated from Auburn University in 2004 with a degree in Psychology and received his commission into the US Navy. During his 18 years of Naval service, he also earned his Masters of Science in Defense Analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. Now a Commander, he has had the privilege to lead a department of 226 Sailors while managing an annual budget of $6.5M. In 2007, while stationed in Jacksonville, FL, Jonathan bought his first rental house. Jonathan is married to Jill New, of Marietta, GA, and they have three children, Spencer (10), Robert (8), and Aubrey (6).

In the winter of 2017, Jonathan began raising over $30.96M of investor capital to actively acquire real estate in the Hampton Roads area, accomplishing 13 single family flips, acquiring 16 single family rentals, closing thirteen multi-family syndications of over a thousand units total, including a full cycle 104-unit project with Phil Capron, and overseeing $18.33M in renovations in both residential and commercial real estate. As of December 2022, Jonathan’s total portfolio accounts for over $200M AUM.

Jonathan is a two-time guest on Anthony Pinto’s “The Lessons in Real Estate Show,” a founding member of Bigger Pockets author Alex Breshear’s Private Lending Lessons Group, guest on Active Duty Passive Income’s podcast, a keynote speaker at several REIA meetups, and is a mentor to several budding entrepreneurs.