Jason Pero

Pero Real Estate Founder

Jason Pero owns over 900 rental units, 600 of which are solely owned with his wife and 300 that are syndicated. He bought his first rental property in 2001 and was able to leave his day job as a medical device sales representative in 2012. Jason is President of his local REIA/Apartment Association, a real estate mentor and coach, and has appeared on numerous podcasts. Jason self manages all of his properties through his own property management company and has experience in everything from single family homes to large 200 unit complexes.

He and his wife started the old fashion way, built from one salary, and saved to a down payment, and got to more significant real estate deals. Then, he got to 300 units. In 2012, he left his day job as a Medical Device sales rep. He got the ball rolling, got creative, and found some private investors and hard money lenders. Still did the business the old fashion way, used different financing strategies, and now owns 650 units that his company manages in Erie, Pennsylvania.