Eric Upchurch

Eric Upchurch


Eric Upchurch is an Army Special Operations veteran who grew up in Central Iowa, where he learned at an early age that if you want something, you need to work for it. Following an opportunity, he relocated to California with a friend immediately after high school, attended culinary school, junior college and ultimately transferred to UC Santa Barbara where he met his wife. After graduating, Eric joined the Army where he served for six years in Savannah, GA. While managing a squad of 27 Soldiers, Eric completed a Masters degree in Aeronautical Science in 2010.

As part of the Active Duty Passive Income team, Eric has a passion for educating the military community on how to create long term wealth through real estate investing, while personally investing across the country for the last seventeen years.

Eric has been involved in Self-Directed IRA investing, private lending, first trust deeds, tax liens, mobile home parks, multifamily syndications, live-in flips, single family flips, storage units, turnkey buy-and-hold properties and and has invested in over 2,500 apartment and storage units as both a General and Limited Partner.

Eric’s life purpose is to educate, empower and to help people grow. He is excited at each opportunity to help both active duty and veterans learn how to start investing in real estate and starting the journey towards financial freedom, and has pledged to help end Veteran homelessness this decade. In 2020, his team began donating homes to Veterans Community Project.