Alina Trigub

Managing Partner, Samo Financial | Head of Investor Relations and Marketing, TF Management Group LLC

Alina spearheads marketing and investors relations, as well as education activities.

Alina’s expertise had been built upon her personal journey as an equity investor, as well as through SAMO Financial – the company she founded and built to provide education and alternative investment options to her clients. Through SAMO Financial, Alina and her investors have been able to build an extensive investment portfolio and invest in over 2200 apartment doors, over 45MM Fund focused on self-storage, and over 10MM Fund focused on mobile home parks.

Alina holds Bachelor Degree in Accountancy received from Baruch College, CUNY (City University of New York) and MBA in Finance and Management from Rutgers University.

Alina is the founder of two Meetup groups named, “The Power of Passive Investing through Real Estate”, in New York and New Jersey that are now merged into a single virtual group (until further notice). As part of helping investors to obtain education about alternative investing, Alina offers instructional webinars in collaboration with various administrators of self-directed IRA companies.

Alina is a thought-after speaker, including presentations at the Private Wealth Management Summit, Raising Money Summit, Multifamily Foundation Workshop, Hunter College (CUNY), Stockton University and many other places.

Alina’s interviews and quotes have been featured in many major publications, including but not limited to Forbes, GoBankingRates, MSNMoney, BankRate, IdeaMensch, and a number of others. Alina has also been featured in the 60 Minute Startup and Immigrant Hustle books.