Devin Elder

Principal of DJE Texas Management Group

Devin Elder is principal of DJE Texas Management Group, an investment firm based in San Antonio, Texas. DJE has been operating since 2010 and currently owns over 1,000 doors.

Devin Elder is a San Antonio, Texas, native & Real Estate entrepreneur. After graduating with a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Texas at San Antonio, he worked for RackspaceAcelity, and a handful of other small tech companies in Sales, Management, and Operations roles before founding DJE Texas Management Group and transitioning full time to Real Estate entrepreneurship.

Today, Devin Elder is a principal in a number of Real Estate investment companies and owns a portfolio of over 600 units of multifamily investment properties.

Mr. Elder has been a featured guest on some of the world’s leading investment podcasts, Business Insider, and various television programs discussing Real Estate investing.

When he’s not working on a Real Estate related project, Mr. Elder can be found golfing, playing guitar, playing with his three kids, and enjoying family time.