Ben Suttles

Principal at Disrupt Equity

Ben has been entrepreneur for 15 years, first starting his career in IT sales and business development then onto management, and has grown sales at his IT firm, OmniData, from $1.5MM to $2.5MM in a 5 year period. His background in management and sales has helped him propel into commercial real estate, first starting in 2013. Over the last 6 years he has been involved in the acquisition & asset management of nine multifamily properties, through partnerships and Disrupt Equity, totaling over $80MM in AUM and roughly 1500 units. He currently owns ten companies, with over 50 employees and revenues approaching $20MM. When he’s not working with his corporate and government clients, or making commercial acquisitions with Disrupt Equity, Ben loves enjoying time with his family, traveling, continuing his education in real estate and personal development, and philanthropic work and volunteering in and around Houston where he resides.